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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 9, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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on this thursday here's what's making news, bernie sanders is making a trip to the white house for a face-to-face meeting with president obama, plus, the president is getting in late night jabs on trump. gunmen opening fire on a trendy market in tel aviv. where the investigation stands right now. developing overnight a woman accused driving off a cliff accused of killing her twin sister. why charges are dropped. steph curry and the warriors, pretty cold in cleveland. the cavs taking game three with a dominating performance.
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you all. we begin with the democrats moving quickly to get past that long, tough primary season. >> president obama is doing his part for democratic unity meeting today at the white house with bernie sanders. it's an important step before his expected especialndorsement hillary rodham clinton. he spoke about it. >> it's "your voice, your vote" and megan hughes joins us. >> reporter: that's right. bernie sanders meeting with the president this morning also going to be meeting with senate minority leader harry reid and has a wally in washington even as some congressional backers are starting to call for party unity. bernie sanders getting a warm welcome at home in vermont after a bruising primary week. it allows hillary clinton to cross the delegate finish line and become the first presumptive female nominee. >> do you think the republicans are happy with their choice? >> we are,
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how -- [ laughter ] that was too easy, but -- the truth is actually i am worried about the republican party. i'm sure they're going to have a conversation. >> is he ever going to drop out? [ laughter ] he's going to stay in. >> main role i'm going to be playing in this process is to remind the american people that this is a serious job. this is not reality tv. >> reporter: the president 'latest role party mediator in chief. the president is expected to endorse clinton soon, but according to the white house sanders won't be pressured to concede before next tuesday's primary in d.c. when the final democratic votes are casted. on the republican side donald trump still facing a firestorm after attacking federal judge gonzalo curiel because of his mex mexican heritage. house speaker ryan is still comfortable interhe will support their agenda but lindsey graham andth
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support. scott walker, the governor of wisconsin, a battleground state hinting he may be next. >> i want to make sure that he renounces what he says at least in regards to this judge. >> reporter: trump trying to pivot to the general election battle ahead. >> i am going to give a major speech on probably monday of next week and we're going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the clintons. >> reporter: hillary clinton is also planning her next assault on donald trump. she's expected to sear rein on his business record and economic policy. kendis, diane. >> megan hughes, that meeting with bernie sanders and the president scheduled for 11:15 this morning. a potential endorsement of hillary clinton by elizabeth warren. sources say she will get the formal backing of the senator within a week or two. now, warren is said to not be currently interested in serving as clinton's running mate but sources say she hasn't ruled
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mitt romney welcomes a large group of republican heavyweights to his fourth annual summit in park city utah tonight. donald trump will be a hot topic of discussion. romney has called trump a fraud and will oppose both trump and clinton. breaking news. more than a dozen are dead after a car bombing in baghdad. there were dozens wounded in the blast which happened in a commercial district. isis has claimed responsibility. the attack is likely related to the government's push to free fallujah from isis control. israel taking swift action following a deadly terror attack revoking most permits to visit israel or travel aboard. four israelis were killed allegedly two palestinians who posed as restaurant patrons before opening fire at an outdoor cafe in tel aviv. we have this report. >> reporter: good morning. gunfire erupting in the city center. panic in the streets
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aviv. a summer evening shattered when two palestinian gunmen walked into a crowded cafe. at 9:30 p.m., the two order drinks before starting to shoot at point blank range. watch as the shooting starts. diners leap from their seats. some hide, some run. and here a police officer taking down one of the gunmen. this morning, both suspects in custody. the two are cousins from the west bank city of hebron. the military moving into the area overnight raiding the houses of the suspects sealing off the town. now revoking work and travel permanents for thousands of palestinians during the holy month of ramadan. primary netanyahu vowing to attack the attackers and after a night of security consultations has scheduled an emergency cabinet meeting later this morning. kendis, diane. >> and breaking overnight four people were injured after a knife attack at a shopping mall near sydney, australia. police shot and injured an
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but the officers' bullets ricocheted and three women were hurt. the suspect and the bystanders are all in stable condition. the political battle over zika fund something moving forward on capitol hill. the senate voted to go ahead and negotiate with the house over the issue. the two sides are really far apart of the senate approved just over a billion dollars and the house just $622 million. now, the white house wants $2 billion to fight the virus that is expected in the u.s. in the coming weeks. happening now nearly 100 firefighters battling a wildfire in yarnell, arizona. that's about 90 miles northwest of phoenix. the fire has forced the evacuation of hundreds of homes. it comes nearly three years since a fierce wildfire that same area took the
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firefighters. there is another move by bill cosby to get the case against him dismissed. prosecutors should have presented his accuser at the preliminary hearing last month. instead detectives read her statement denying cosby an opportunity to question his accuser. his legal team is asking the state supreme court either for dismissal of the charges or a new preliminary hearing. the final farewell to muhammad ali gets under way today as thousands of mourners are expected at a louisville mosque. it is meant for everyone but especially as a chance for muslims to say good-bye to their champ. looks like some were trying to profit. the tickets are being sold online. a family spokesman calls that despicable. three games, three blow-outs but not quite how many probably expected. >> no, not the way warriors fans expected. cleveland
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their hometown crowd defeating golden state, lebron scoring 32 in the victory. game four tomorrow night here on abc and we'll have more highlights later from our fellows at espn. >> deeping us on our toes. >> maybe we'll get game seven out of it. still ahead, why one of america's candies is being banned. a surprising move in the case of a woman accused of killing her own twin by driving off a cliff. hear why the judgedoctored the charges. the earth opening up on a city street, a massive sinkhole swallowing a van.
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this wild chase in south florida and police pursue a 16-year-old on an atv and followed him along a canal through marshland and on a dirt path and started when the teen along with two others allegedly assaulted a male victim and captured after he ran out of gas. also in florida, no bail for the man accused of trying to abduct a teenage girl. craig bonello is accused of grabbing her as her mother hung on to her. an off-duty helped prevent the abduction. he has a long history of mental health issues. three weeks ago he was found not competent to stand trial for trespassing. there are some concerns about plague at a top tourist spot in california. officials say a flea found on a chip muskal a campground in lake tahoe tested positive for the disease. plague can be spread through flea or animal bites. it causes fever and nausea but can be treated with
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today in california, if you want to buy tobacco products you'll have to be at least 21. california is the second state now after hawaii to raise the legal age. selling or giving tobacco to anyone under 21 is a misdemeanor crime. military personnel with an identification card can still buy them if they're 18 or older. >> mm&ms says the logo is too close to one made in sweden. the company that makes m&ms says we're thinking about it. it wasn't even sold in sweden until six years ago just to avoid conflict with the swedish brand. when we come back, caught on camera, a group of firefighter rescuing one of their own from a burning home. dangerous hitchhiker, the moment a bear opens a car door.
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one seriously hurt. morning road conditions in this country better. heavy rain a threat from miami to tampa. showers and storms will be possible over the rockies from montana to colorado as well as new mexico. if you're flying expect delays in miami as well as chicago. and there's new developments in the case of that woman accused of driving off a cliff to kill her twin sister in hawaii. >> yeah, overnight murder charges were dropped against alexandria duval and a judge has ordered her freed from jail. her attorney says she's eager to leave hawaii to attend her funeral in upstate new york and is grateful to be going free but still traumatized by the series of events. prosecutors do not plan to appeal the lenient sentence given of a swimmer who sexually assaulted a woman despite public outrage. brock turner was only sentenced to six months in a county jail. with good
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out by labor day but will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. a michigan man free after nerving nine years for murders he did not commit. a judge ordered sanford released and his sentence very indicated. he was arrested for killing four at a drug house and pleaded guilty in what his lawyers call a false confession. a professional hit hurricane has taken responsibility. firefighters rescued one of their own. the firefighter injured on the second floor and had to be helped to a ladder. he was treated at a local hospital for minor burns and exhaustion. the fire started on that second floor and spread to the attic. the house was vacant at the time. authorities are investigating the cause of that blaze. from the sports world, maria sharapova will appeal the suspension for using a banned substance and says she was not aware that the world anti-doping agency barred athletes from using the drug she was
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it increases blood flow which increases exercise capacity. nike will continue to partner with sharapova despite that suspension. so say you're looking for the stanley cup, guaranteed it's in pittsburgh tonight. >> that's because if the peng n penguins beat the sharks they will be the champions. >> we deliver. he's stan. i'm neil. the beard is real and so are the cavaliers. >> nba playoffs got real. warriors with a two-game lead. game three tonight. irving had 16 points. 8 assists for the game and lebron james told his team follow me and they did. look at the hustle on defense, for the ball and in the sky. james and company can even things up
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can get a win on abc. they take it 120-90. >> excuse me while i kiss the sky. excuse me while i do auburn/oklahoma winner take all. about a half hour from the campus from oklahoma. they had the home crowd advantage. they have a 2-0 advantage. they played back on that auburn after they had given up a run and coach meyer says, wow, now they're down two and, well, page parker, she's a good one. courtney shay, a heck of an at bat. two outs. prejournalism major, by the way. we like that. >> coming for your job. >> please. >> help me. >> oklahoma, 2-1, man, they got it done. we're done. >> back to you. >> all right, up next in "the pulse," a first pitch fail. snoop dog is showing why he's not a ball player. >> but he is a balla. the 6'2" basketball player
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amel. the #1 dentist-recommended brand for strengthening and protecting enamel. ♪ it is "pulse" time a real bear this morning. you'll see what we mean. >> a curious bear gets a little too close for comfort and actually opens the front door as the kids scream in the backseat. hopefully dad learns his lesson. got to keep the door locked, dad. >> i think they were freaking out. >> understandable. and then there's four-legged friend seen taking a dip in the backyard pool of a house near l.a. the bear climbed up a tree. they left it alone hoping it woul
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off into the hills. >> maybe the other bear heard about that bear and wanted a ride to the pool party. >> ah. >> that's all. >> yes, and that is what brought in our bear courtesy of the graphics department. speaking of pools just in time for swimsuit season. walmart is coming out with a new treat. deep fried twinkies. >> not going to help. >> the staple of county and state fairs hit stores this week only available at walmart. the retailer signed an exclusive one-year deal for this treat. >> okay, so they will be available in the frozen food aisle. just take them home and pop them in the oven and voila. >> baked twinkies. >> should taste great. >> they're baked. >> that would be the key. so here's a hip-hop pioneer but snoop dog needs a little bit of work when it comes to his baseball skill. >> just a little.
4:24 am
snoop d snoop threw out the first pitch. didn't go quite right. >> a little wide right. >> it nearly hit a cameraman. >> and the way the padres have been playing the manager said, sign him up. it actually may not be the worst pitch by a rapper. remember this from two years ago, 50 cent not even close. >> i think he thought he was playing skeeball. >> this is a real athletic feat. check out college player pattic dicker from maine and dunks it from behind the free throw line. that is 15 feet. >> and on top of that had the height. somehow he launched himself into the air just enough to reach the hoop and being on the internet, the 6'2" internet faked it by lowering the net. he says it
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this is good morning washington washington. eileen whelan will have some good news for you in her weather forecast in just a few moments. but first-- if you're just waking up here are some of this morning's top stories. senator bernie sanders will meet with president obama in the district today. although rival hillary clinton has mathematically secured enough delegates to clinch the democratic nomination, sanders says he still has a path to victory, and will fight on. meanwhile-- presumptive republican nominee donald trump will meet with campaign donors. trump is trying to defuse a firestorm surrounding his attack on a federal judge with mexican heritage. good morning washington. toss to eileen today: mostly sunny, warmer, and breezy. highs: 78-82 winds: nw 5-15 mph tonight: partly to mostly clear. cool. lows: 53-59 winds: nw 5 mph
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more clouds sw. seasonable with low humidity. highs: 78-82 winds: s 5 mph breaking
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a quick thinking 10-year-old, saves her home from being completely destroyed. d-c fire crews say the girl was home alone at her row house on emerson street northwest, when a fire broke out in one of the bedrooms. she knew what to do and called 9-1-1. firefighters arrived and quickly put out the flames. no word yet on what started the fire. first responders though say this type of emergency is exactly why parents should never leave small children home alone. right now-- police are trying to track down a gunman who opened fire on four people outside a local liquor store, in the middle of the afternoon. it happened along north capitol street and new york avenue in northwest. the shooting victims are believed to have non-life threatening injuries. police say officer was also responding to the scene on a bicycle when he was hit by a car. he's in good condition. police say the
4:28 am
not appear to be random, but no arrests have been made. in baltimore-- a fight over sugary drinks is heating up. city leaders are pushing for businesses to put up warning labels about the long-term impact of consuming soda and other sugary drinks. they're citing the increase in childhood obesity -- saying the overuse of these drinks is its own epidemic. restaurants and business owners are fighting back, saying the warning labels will hurt their sales. more hearings on the subject are expected before a final vote. a canadian driver picks the wrong parking spot. and now his van is at the bottom of a huge sink hole. take a look. thats the vehicle on the left side of your screen, as it falls into the expanding hole. it happened yesterday in downtown ottawa. no one was hurt, but the hole swallowed that van, a light pole, and caused a gas leak and a water main break. several nearby businesses were evacuated and it's not clear when they will reopen. it's xx and we're just getting started.
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the primary season is almost over-- but bernie sanders still has some big meetings on the bernie sanders still has some big meetings on the agenda. up first-- a meeting with president obama. what this means for the presidential race.. plus, don't call it a comeback. we have highlights and reaction after a statement win for the cleveland cavaliers in the nba finals. good morning washington. today: mostly sunny, warmer, and breezy. highs: 78-82 winds: nw 5-15 mph tonight: partly to mostly clear. cool. lows: 53-59 winds: nw 5 mph friday: partly cloudy. more clouds sw. seasonable with low humidity. highs: 78-82 winds: s 5 mph
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95 in stafford -- 270 in germantown


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